Friday, June 15, 2012

24th month!

Dear Baby,

Alhamdulillah, syukur

I'm glad that i found u

Thanks for accepting me as who i am

I'm not perfect but i'll try to be the best for u

Looking fwd to spent the rest of my life with u

I'm really happy to have u

I'm really enjoy every moment together

I'm really glad that we gone through ups and down in our life together

I'm really appreciate what u've done for me

Thanks for supporting me

Thanks for being by my side when i need u

Thanks for make me happy

Thanks for all your love

Thanks for everything u've done for me

Hope this happiness will stay forever

No words can describe how much i love u

Only Allah know what's the best for us

I hope all of our plan will go smoothly, insyaAllah

It's about 4 month to go until we become husband and wife

I'm really looking fwd to be fully yours




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cha said...

happy anniversary :D

a.d.i.b.a.h said...

Thankd syg! =D