Thursday, March 29, 2012

selesai 1st chapter~

Salam to all.

harini taknak bebel pjg. just nk wish trillion thanks to all yg menjayakan majlis pertunangan aku hari Ahad lepas. ucapan ala2 Grammy Award gituuu! layaaannnn~

Alhamdulillah, majlis berjalan lancar. Terima kasih tidak terhingga kpd yg byk membantu especially my MOM and siblings! u are the best!

special thanks to my mom's big family and also my dad's big family for helping from the start till end of the ceremony. i can't find super great families like all of u. hope for your continuous support throughout my journey.

thanks also to my future family in law for the great support and cherish the ceremony!

special thanks to Atok for being my Wali and Tukang Cakap.

thanks to my neighbours, especially Acik Fauziah's family and Acik Fiza's family for the super great food! Alhamdulillah for the delicious food! thanks to K.Syida and K.Ita for their help and arranging foods.

- thanks for the super marvelous pictures by my senior from Jabbe Production.
- thanks to Aida Jasmeen for the sweet and stunning makeup!
- thanks to Azmah Ahmad Wedding Decor & Event for the gorgeous mini pelamin
- thanks to Anjung Eksklusif for the canopy set!
- thanks to my childhood bff, Rashidah for the beautiful decoration for hantaran
- thanks to my cousin, K.Jai for the beautiful dress and sweet mini tasbih
- thanks to MakYah, Mak Seni, Wancu & Acik Nida to sponsor for the hantaran & goodies
- thanks to Hihie for the delicious cakes!!
- thanks to all my friends who come on that day, i really appreciate it!

and thanks to all that involve & help for my engagement day! hanya Allah dpt balas segalanya. i really appreciate it! syukur, Alhamdulillah.

my lovely family

my mom's big family

my dad's big family

future family in law

doakan moga urusan kami dipermudahkan serta kami tabah mengharungi ape jua dugaan yg mendatang.

will invite all of u to our BIG day soon, insyaAllah~

pray for us!!

[notaku: nk start review ape eh? tell me please~]


mentega^^terbang said...

all the best dear!

a.d.i.b.a.h said...

thanks darling! doakan kami tau. ^_^

.:shura shushi:. said...

Ramai ahli keluarga u..BEST :)
I tunggu invitation daripada u..hihihi

Jabbeproduction Zabir said...

eh name sy ade =)

a.d.i.b.a.h said...

Shura: haah. Ramai family i. Future big family pn ramai jgk. Tu bru separuh. Hehe. Ok2. I will invite u soon. Tp nk dtg wedding u jgk tau nnti! Weee~

Abg: of kos laa. Hehehe.

Cik Zimie said...

boleh tak, baru tau blog diba nih?:p

btw congrats darling(saje nk bgtau byk2 kali hehe)



a.d.i.b.a.h said...

Zimie: hehe. Blog low profile cani laa. Hehe. Thanks so much dear!! Start counting days. Hehe.

Mila: thanks again Mila. Hehe.

Cik Mila said...

hee...wish gn acc lain pulak... congrats Adibah!!! ur welcome again Adibah... ngehhh...

a.d.i.b.a.h said...

hehehe. tq Mila!!!! best dpt kerjasama ngn Mila. hehehe~