Sunday, February 20, 2011


it's been 8 month we were together. i'm so happy with u. u always there when i need u. u always support me. u always give me strength to live my life. u always be my inspiration!

thanx so much for everything. thanx so much for being there when i need u. thanx so much for ur help and support. i don't know how to repay u dear. i really appreciate all u have done to me. it's too much and i'm really glad i'm in love with u and soo in love with u.

harap jodoh kite berpanjangan dan rasa cinta tu kekal smpai akhir hayat kite. insyaAllah. i always pray for the best of us! Amin~

i just can't wait for our next step. i'm really looking fwd to it. soooo excited! moga semua dipermudahkan, insyaAllah.

jika cinta ini milikmu dan Dia, insyaAllah it will stay forever. let's us pray and improve ourself.

love u lots,

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